Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day & Chinese New Year coincidently falling on February 14, 2010

On February 14 coincidently Chinese New Year, Year of the Tiger and Valentine’s Day falls on the same date .On one hand Valentine’s Day is considered as a day of affection and love representing the day of lovers. Valentine’s Day should also accompany girlfriend and boyfriend ah, otherwise there will be regrets.

“According to tradition, New Year’s Day is the most important day of the Spring Festival, and on this day family should be involved in celebrations.

“Love is indeed invaluable, family prices higher.” Although in recent years, Christmas, Valentine’s Day become very popular in China, but according number of websites on the Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day choice survey, the majority of people choose to spend Spring Festival with their families. Although they find it difficult to choose, many people still respect traditional family as the most important. Some people said they will spent afternoon time with lovers and evening with families so clash will not bother them.

Spring Festival is a traditional festival, usually busy with work and people had very little chance to go home to visit the Spring Festival, the parents naturally want to go home had a good chat with their kids and family members. Valentine’s Day this year mixed with the coming year. Falling of two significant days together gives a good feeling.

Girls will naturally be at home with their parents for lunch and dinner, but the afternoon could take time with their boyfriend to a favorite restaurant, a coffee shop Meet, or watching a movie. This arrangement can serve two purposes, both the Lunar New Year celebration, family reunion, but also the feeling of a romantic Valentine’s Day, warm. It was also much more value on Valentine’s Day, hope everyone will spend a romantic New Year’s Day specially in China.

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