Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pranav Mistry - India's Pride

●๋•Pranav Mistry●๋• - The New Name of Young India. The young innovator & inventor of "SixthSense" Technology r in simple say WUW (Wear Ur Wrld). Yup, a wearable device tat enables new interactions btwn d real wrld & d wrld of data, using any surface as an interface.

The SixthSense turns walls, sheets of paper & othr surfaces into screens which u can use to browse d net & do more...

If Pranav has his way, ppl around d wrld can build their own wearable ‘SixthSense’ - which uses a camera tat undrstnds human gestures - @ a cost of less than Rs 15,000 ($300) in d next few mnths.

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